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This forum is for people who like to have a good time grilling food outdoors.  Just have fun and talk about barbeque on the grill. 

This is a moderated forum and you need to read the rules of the forum and comply with the rules.


Heres Ray Basso and his grill cooking outdoor and drinking beer cooking smokey BBQ

Enter The Grill Forum


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Differences between using a grill, outdoor cooking, smoking, and grilling in general?  

Well, basically grilling is done much faster and at higher temperatures.  Smoking is done slow and at  lower temperatures.  Smoking a pork butt or a brisket can take 10 hours or more.  

Grilling is grilling some hamburgers, chicken, steaks etc.  Now you can grill great tasting food really quick using grilling direct method of cooking.  Both methods are called barbecue, barbeque and BBQ by people who grill.  People who smoke meat do not consider grilling; BBQ, barbecue, or barbeque by any stretch of the imagination.  Outdoor cooking just takes it all in.

Grilling equipment can generally cost $35 to $4,000.  Smokers can cost $35 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  So it all up to you.  I like to think of grilling as something that is relative quick and fun. 

So that's what this forum is about Grilling and in general outdoor cooking.  This is your chance to share your secrets to great grilling with other and learn from them.  It's a place where you can talk about the difference in grilling equipment.  You can talk about gas grills, charcoal grills or share recipes.  

However, if your interested in smoking meat then you might be more interested in The BBQ Forum.  The BBQ Forum has been around since 1995 and over 240,000 messages have been posted to it.  The Grill Forum is new but it will be operated with the same rules that have been used on The BBQ Forum.

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